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Welcome to “Green School in a Lunchbox!”

Program Overview

In September 2010, the U.S. Green Building Council awarded funding to the Detroit Regional Chapter, Green Schools Committee to develop and launch a “Green School in a Lunchbox” program.

“Green School in a Lunchbox” is a web-based, vibrant, and animated “lunchbox” which introduces concepts of sustainable building to K-5 th grade students.  Through grade-appropriate, hands-on educational activities young students will be introduced to concepts of sustainability within the built environment and how daily choices affect our environment, community and world.

For educators and administrators, the site provides information to enhance awareness and educate participants about the value of sustainable building from a financial perspective, implication of healthy schools, and the contribution to the teaching environment.

Target Audience

The program is intended for elementary school students in grades K-5 th . The activities are provided according to grade level:  K-1, 2-3, 4-5, but can be used across grade and subject matter. Activities are correlated to the Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations.

We believe by targeting elementary schools, we are seeding the future generation of decision- makers to care about their environment.

Teacher Advisory Board

We would like to thank the following teachers who volunteered their own time to participate in our Advisory Committee as a key contributor in the program development and review process:

Andrew Bruen, Berkley High School

Mary Cobb, Eastover Elementary

Kathy Damanskas, Retired

Wendy LaValle, Amerman Elementary

Dianne Richards, Montieth Kindergarten

USGBC Detroit Regional Chapter Green Schools Committee

Our Mission: To advocate for green schools and campuses for all within this generation. To educate our target audience about the benefits green schools, and show that “green” is not just for new school buildings, but for existing school buildings as well.

The following members were instrumental in developing and launching this program:

Paulette Alioa

Connie Lilley

Peggy Matta

Lisa Williams

Susan Zaffarano

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A special thanks to our sponsors for their support.

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